A note from Katie

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I wish I had the bragging rights to say that I grew up an athlete and staying in shape comes naturally, but that’s not the case. Like a lot of women, I was self-conscious and wavered between weight gain and weight loss. I didn’t know how to get where I wanted to be, and I’m all too familiar with wreaking havoc on your metabolism for short term results.

But weights changed all of that.

Strength training empowered me with finally understanding and appreciating my body. I gained the control and confidence that I’d been wanting but didn’t know how to achieve.

I eat. I’m strong. I love my body for all its strengths and perfectly imperfect flaws. I’ve learned what it’s capable of and continue to challenge limits that I never would have considered before.

Weights keep you constantly learning and evolving, allowing you to get to know your body on such an intimate level. I know my right glute is more dominant than my left, and my left quad is more dominant than the right. I know my traps take over during upper body exercises and that I have to consciously lower my shoulders back and down to disengage them. I know when to keep pushing and when to back off. You’ll begin to listen and notice every little detail about what your body can do and how it works. You find yourself in weights.


My goal was to create an impactful program for women that delivers true value. To provide empowering workouts that get you results without endless hours of cardio, structure that enables you to sustain your fitness goals permanently, an environment that dissolves any feeling of self-consciousness or doubt, and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

Ambition Fitness was created for you.

 For you to feel accomplished and proud.

For you to be unapologetically, audaciously confident. 

You are capable. You are ambitious. You can do this.