All classes are led by a credentialed fitness professional and offer movements that vary in skill level - making sure you never feel overwhelmed or outpaced.

For optimal results, we recommend taking 3-4 classes per week.


upper hirt

Warning: Approaching tank top overload. Confidence and wardrobe near capacity and we're not slowing down.

This class combines high-intensity interval training with isolated upper-body weight training, so you get that heart-racing cardio while toning up your shoulders, arms and back.


lower hirt

Same concept as Upper HIRT, but picture toned legs and round glutes that you can’t-stop, won’t-stop rocking with your favorite summer shorts.

Added bonus: our lower body houses some of the largest muscle groups, meaning maximum calorie burn.


plyometric power

Nothing like an old-fashioned, sweat-dripping cardio session, right?

When you want a break from the weights, this class gets your heart pumping with explosive plyometric bodyweight drills, spin bikes and rowing machines. We throw in abs for a little extra burn, too.

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barbell buns

Ladies, meet Barbell. Barbell is bae. We love Barbell. 

This class is focused on compound movements that deliver a perky peach while strengthening the core. Think squats, hip thrusts, deadlifts. Bossy moves that change your physique like nothing before.

there is minimal coaching in this class and circuits go straight into variations of compound sets. beginners must take barbell buns 101 prior to taking this class.


barbell buns 101

Have you been wanting to meet Barbell but too shy to introduce yourself? Let us be your wing woman.

Come learn why compound lifts are such a game changer and how to do them right.

this class is mandatory for any member who has not used a barbell before. beginners must take 3-4 weeks of Upper and Lower hirt before enrolling in this class.


full body blitz

Tight schedule? Don’t worry, we got you.

On those busy weeks when you can only hit the gym once or twice, this class gives you the best bang for your buck. We hit all the muscle groups to keep your fitness goals on track, even when life takes over.